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Benefits of a Tonneau Cover

Benefits of a Tonneau Cover

Smarter Tonneau Covers in Hamilton

Tonneau covers are adjustable covers that fit over the beds of pickup trucks. They serve to make the truck more aerodynamic while providing a covered storage area in the bed of the truck. Several models are available. Many Tonneau Covers are hard tops equipped with hinged doors on the top that give the user access to the truck bed. Hard top Tonneau covers can be lifted and suspended in the air by metal or fiberglass poles, similar to the poles that hold most car hoods upright. Other models of Tonneau covers are retractable. Many have paneled tops, where panels can slide underneath other parts to allow users to stow or remove items from the bed. Other retractable Tonneau covers are made of soft materials like vinyl and roll up when people need to access the truck bed.

Tonneau covers decrease the pickup truck's wind resistance and thus increase the truck's speed. Since Tonneau covers seal the truck bed air does not go into the bed and so meets no resistance at the tailgate of the truck bed. Previously, pickup truck owners had the option of replacing the standard metal truck bed door with a type of plastic or rubber net to reduce wind resistance.While these covers do reduce wind resistance they do not provide as much security for items in the back of the truck as a Tonneau cover.

A net is not as sturdy as the metal door and it can break much more easily. Nets can also come unhooked, allowing items to blow out of the truckbed when the truck is traveling at high speeds. Door nets also hurt the appearance of the truck, making it look incomplete or shoddy. Tonneaucovers provide much more secure storage and give the trucks a professional look. Adding security as well as aesthetic value to pickup trucksTonneau covers are a good investment for any pickup truck owner.


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