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How to Choose Exhaust Components

How to Choose Exhaust Components in Hamilton

Replace Your Exhaust With A Reliable Exhaust System

The factory exhaust system on your vehicle is designed to muffle sound as much as possible. This also means it restricts the flow of exhaust gases out of your engine, creating what’s called backpressure. While most engines require some backpressure to operate properly, it also robs power. Essentially, the engine has to use some of the power it generates to cram exhaust gases out of the tailpipe instead of using that power to drive the vehicle.

If you’d like to steal some of that power back, you can replace that stock exhaust with less-restrictive performance exhaust components

Many performance exhaust systems are “cat-back” systems, which means they replace everything from the catalytic converter back to the tailpipe. You never have to worry about any cat-back exhaust system causing your vehicle to fail emissions tests (the catalytic converter is the last part of your exhaust system that changes the chemical makeup of your exhaust gases). However, you may encounter issues with sound regulations, so check local laws.

A&A Discount Auto Parts has components to upgrade the parts of your system before the catalytic converter. Headers are far less restrictive than your stock exhaust manifold, allowing your engine to expel exhaust gases more readily. Some headers come with connections for emissions equipment so the vehicle remains street legal, but some headers do not—be sure to ask your sales rep. Header installation can be more involved than cat-back installation, but it can produce more power gains. Also, you wouldn’t install headers only to choke the exhaust again with your stock cat-back exhaust, so you’ll want to buy a performance cat-back system to go with your headers.

Performance exhausts and headers vary in exact design and construction, but they all flow more exhaust gases by using wider pipes, smoother bends, and less baffling in the mufflers. Installing one can deliver a nice performance boost, and make the vehicle sound different and louder. Adding headers makes the most difference.

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