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How to Care for Chrome in Car Detailing

How to Care for Chrome in Car Detailing Hamilton

Make Your Chrome Look Amazing

  1. Know what chrome looks like in comparison to other types of metal. Chrome is composed of chromium, a hard metal, used for many after-market car and motorcycle products. It is most well-known for its high shine and strength.
  2. Wash the car using low or half pressure on the water hose. Water spots are extremely difficult to get out, so
    to keep them from forming on chrome, dry the vehicle completely immediately after the rinse cycle.
  3. Remove water spots, build-up and other things from the chrome pieces by washing and drying with a soft
    rag all of the chrome on the vehicle. Find a good car polish to use. Some of the best known brands are Turtle,
    Mother’s and McGuire’s. Look for a polish or wax that is made for chrome.
  4. Use a soft cloth to wipe the polish onto the chrome parts of the vehicle. Gently rub the polish or wax into the
    water spots or other imperfections. Use a soft blue rag, a separate rag from the application process, to wipe off
    the polish or wax. Do not allow the polish or wax to dry completely before wiping it off.


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