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Company: Redhorse Performance

Redhorse Performance

Website: Redhorse Performance Website
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Redhorse Performance provides high-quality high performance AN hose and fittings. Redhorse offers over 279 new parts in their catalog. This company is going through a rapid expansion of new product segments such as brake lines, brake fittings, high-performance fuel filters, crimp style fittings, hose assembly tools, and a premium line of fully e85 compatible stainless steel and nylon hoses.

Redhorse Performance commitment is to high quality customer service. Their warehouse is well stocked with a nationwide network of industry leading distributors that deliver quality parts when you need them, no matter where you are located.  Redhorse Performance is the only fitting company to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

They offer:


Swivel Seal Hose Ends, Non-Swivel Hose Ends, Push Lock Hose Ends, Crimp Style Hose Ends, Hard Line Tube Hose Ends, and Replacement Sockets Hose Finishers


200 Series Stainless Hose, 205 Series Premium e85 Stainless Steel Hose, 230 Series Black Nylon Hose, 235 Series Premium e85 Black Nylon Hose, and 402 Series Black e85 Push Lock Hose.


AN to NPT Adapters, AN to AN, Adapters, Reducers & Couplers, Hose Nipple to NPT, NPT to NPT , EFI Adapters, and Metric and Misc. Adapters.


Brake Lines and Adapters, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, Dual Feed Carb Kits, Fuel Pump/Carburetor Fittings, and One Way Check Valves.




Caps/Plugs/Nuts/Sleeves/Finishers, Hose Separators/Line Clamps/Cushion Clamps, Tools, Gauges, and O-Rings/Replacement Parts.

Redhorse Performance
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