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Company: Quick-Latch Distribution

Quick-Latch Distribution

Website: Quick-Latch Distribution Website
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Quick Latch products are developed as a new generation of hood fastening technology. Their products are better than traditional hood pins in both style and functionality. Quick Latch products help automotive enthusiasts who experience problems with losing hood pins.

Quik latch hood fasteners solve these problems with a stylish snap shut and quick release action. Quik-Latch hood fasteners mount to the hood and line up with studs placed on the core support, or another bracket. Quik-Latch fasteners automatically latch to the studs mounted on the core support. These fasteners will not release the hood until the mechanism is depressed.  Quik-Latch products never rust and can be painted to match. People who utilize Quik-Latch hood fasteners know that they are adding style and function to their cars.  Many reputable custom auto shops can install Quik-Latch products.

The Quik-Latch mini latches are highly effective removable fasteners for body panels, hoods, trunks, and interior compartments. The amount of pontential applications for the Quik-Latch mini is only limited to the imagination of the installer.
Quick-Latch Distribution
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